The 10th ASSITEJ festival, October 16 to 19 2013

The 10th ASSITEJ festival, October 16 to 19 2013

This ASSITEJ Festival 2013 (October 16th – 19th) is dedicated to a youth audience. Our primary goal is to expose life affirming and existential stage art with engagement and insight into youths’ lives in order to create both a challenging and a sincere festival that allows us to address humanitarian and artistic issues.

An artistic Council consisting of Anne Mali Sæther as Artistic Director, and members Anne Ekenes, Preben Faye-Schjøll, Ingrid Forthun and Kjell Moberg, representing expertise from various art fields, was invited to provide a selection of performances of great variety and genres.

With a young audience in mind we have been searching for different expressions within the performing art fields, choosing performances that pose unexpected and pioneering questions in order to examine themes and expressional forms that can generate discussions.

Our aim has been to produce a festival to awaken the curiosity of a youth audience, and to inspire the youth to seek out theatre as an art form to a greater extent than what seems to be the situation today. Also, we want to create a festival that can inspire professionally performing arts practitioners, directors and producers, and to form a meeting point that will further the exchange of art across the countries. We want to inspire dialogue and discussions for youths, artists and theatre theorists and researchers to participate in with common perspectives.

ASSITEJ Norway wishes, through a variety of performances, to examine how artists are inspired by, and also inspire, their youth audience; how artists thematically and artistically communicate with our contemporary time, and also how they develop strategies for artistic participation and new ways of communication.

Alongside the performances, we present a series of professional seminars. Artists from different countries will, during these seminars, convey their experiences, methods and visions. The seminars will also provide information concerning different international projects, and they will shed light on the experiences of various Nordic projects. The International Producer Forum will also give three seminars during the festival in 2013. The intent of this Forum is to create an international meeting point for theatre producers and festival organizers.

It is my privilege to welcome you to our ASSITEJ Festival 2013 from October 16th – 19th in the hope that it will surprise you, make you wonder, gasp, but not the least create good discussions.

Anne Mali Sæther

Artistic director



Mungo Park/BaggårdTeatret


Date: Oct 17th: 10.15 and 13.00

Date: Oct 18th: 11.00

Directing/staging: Heinrich Christensen, Nils P. Munk, Rikke Bilde and Jonas M. Hansen

Venue: The stage in Teatersalen

With: Nicolai Jandorf, Signe Vaupel og Palle Klok

Duration: 80 min


Do you really understand your teenager? This performance is a comedy for all generations, and the whole family, as it strikes and kick-ass with its musically comments addressed to young people and their accomplices.


“Opsang” is staged as a crossover between a musical and a musical-lecture. The two performers lecturer and sings about the seven-deadly-sinful youths and their frail mothers. The result is this theatre scanning of today’s teenager brains, a scanning that is both educational, and still entertaining as you laugh your way through it. “Opsang” has been on international tour and so far been played for 80 000 audiences.




De Dansers

”Café Ed Sanders”

Date: Oct 17th: 11.50 and 13.50

Date: Oct 18th: 12.30

Venue: Multisalen

Choreography: Wies Merkx

With: Maartje Pasman, Noemi Wagner, Blazer Jasinski, Josephine van Rheenen, Guy Corneille, Stephan Bikker, Hans Vermunt and Daan Crone

Duration: 50 min

”It started with a tickling in the throat, a cough, a grumble and then a gasp. The gasping became weeping, the weeping fell silent and suddenly a thunderstorm of tones broke out with a roar.”

The youngsters of Ed Sanders, fearless and fragile, build a café out of encounters: dancer with musician, person-on-top-of-table with person-under-table, his voice with her movement, me with you. “Café Ed Sanders” is a composition that preserves the mean between a concert and danceperformance, a whirlwind of songs, rhythms and bodies.




CAMPO/Gob Squad

”Before your very eyes”

Date: Oct 18th: 19.00

Date: Oct 19th: 19.00

Venue: Teatersalen

Concept, design and directing: Gob Squad (Pascale Petralia, Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Bastian Trost og Simon Will)

With: Martha Balthazar, Spencer Bogaert, Faustijn De Ruyck, Gust Hamerlinck, Zoë Luca, Jeanne Vandenkerckhove and Ineke Verhaegen

Duration: 75 min

“Before Your Very Eyes” is about growing up very fast, and still desiring to be a child.

A rare and magnificent opportunity to witness seven lives lived in fast forward…

You probably don’t remember the historic day when you first saw yourself in the mirror. Perhaps a big person dangled you before the reflective surface, curious to see if you would recognize yourself. Would the world beyond the mirrors reach, actually exist, or did it require the reflection to bring it into being?

Three years ago a group of young people was asked to interview themselves regularly with a camera. They study the past and the future looking at the political development, difficult relationships and events from their personal lives. This mix of live-performance and recordings changes our belief in growing wiser with age.






”The Silence of Leaving”

Date: Oct 16th: 19.00

Date: Oct 19th: 13.45

Venue: Parkinghouse – top floor

Consept/directing: Laura Christina B Vallenes

With: Kristina Knaben Hennestad, Laura Christina B Vallenes, Tone Martine Kittelsen and students from Vågsbygd high school

Music: Leon Muraglia

Assistant director: Ida Fugli

Costume design: Veronica B Vallenes

Duration: 45 min

LOOP LOOP LOOP was asked to produce a site-specific performance for the ASSITEJ festival 2013 around the venue Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Kristiansand. They have chosen to work with the relevant topic: common rights to vote and equality in the community. The starting point has been the teen’s own experience of being participants in the public debate, and the result will be performed outside in the top floor of the parking garage behind Kilden. Besides working with site-specific strategies, this performance is also an example of devised theatre with a dancer, two physical actors and students from Vågsbygd high school. Besides the theme; to be on a journey – we follow the parallel story of the two sisters from the Norwegian Novel by Camilla Collett “Amtmandens Døtre”, who are separated after the oldest must marry a man she does not love.

Supported by: Kristiansand commune.



Heine Avdal

”Box with holes”

Date: Oct 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th

Venue: Foyer 2nd floor

Choreography/video: Heine Avdal

Artistic assistant: Yukiko Shinozaki

With: Michiel Reynaert

Technical director: Hans Meijer

Duration: 15 minutes

”Box with holes” is a dance – installation, given by one dancer. The show will play on an ongoing basis in the foyer during the whole ASSITEJ festival. It allows an audience of only one spectator per performance, which lasts for 15 minutes. The theme of this dance–installation is to focus on the relationship between visualisation and to be physically touched. How do we experience interaction between human beings in a time where contact between individuals more and more is being done through technology? The goal is that each spectator goes through a physical experience during the performance, that allows her or him to see whether the performance interacts with his or her personal perception or not. The spectator’s focus is normally, according to conventions, directed outwards, but ”Boxes with holes” and its technology also facilitates directing the focus to inner emotions, thoughts and experiences.

Co-produced by: Dans in Kortrijk (Belgia), BankART 1929 (Japan), Brakke Grond Theater (Nederland), BIT-Teatergarasjen (Bergen), Teaterhuset Avantgarden (Trondheim), Beursschouwburg (Brussels) The first proto-type of the installation was created by Heine Røsdal Avdal, Oliver Bokan og Andra Perrin during the workshop «Now you can have the body you’ve (n)ever wanted» at Tanzquartier i Wien. Supported by: Arts Council Norway and Fond for Lyd og Bilde.

2_Box with holes©HeineAvdal



Det Andre Teatret

”Father and Son in the 24th Century”

Date: Oct 16th: 11.30 and 13.00

Venue: Multisalen

With: Nils Petter Mørland and Simon Mørland

Duration: 45 min

Based on dialog and suggestions from the audience, the actors will improvise scenes according to the theme given. Father and Son especially like to improvise stories about; laser guns, bad guys and unknown galaxies. Simon turns 13 this season, so it remains to be seen whether or not, and to what extent, their improvised stories will be affected or coloured by this teenager, or the Father who approaches the famous 40-years crisis.

This comedy, a mix between real-time and sci-fi performed by Hans Petter (40) and his son Simon (13), gives insight in to the touching relationship between father and son.

father son 3nov foto ilona 22






Date: Oct 18th: 18.00

Date: Oct 19th: 18.00

Venue: Multisalen

Choreography: Ives Thuwis, Gregory Caers and Simon de Winne

With: 19 youths from Østfold and Vest-Agder counties

Project management: Kjell Moberg and Dagfinn Tutturen

Duration: 50 min

“RUN” is a crossover dance and theatreperformance based on the choreography by Ives Thuwis and Gregory Caers “Rennens” (2008). The project consists of one documentary and the performance. It is played by youths with and without artistic experience. The performance has been created with and is performed by eighteen boys and one girl from the Norwegian counties Akershus, Østfold and Vest-Agder. The documentary is a videoinstallation based on the participant’s expectations and reflections on their partaking in the project. Both choreographers; Caers and Thuwis, are known for their use of non-professional youths as participants alongside professional dancers on stage, and can be seen in similar work as Junges Ensemble Basel, Kopergietery and Junges Ensemble Stuttgart. ”LØP” has been produced for The ASSITEJ festival 2013.

Co-produced by: Nevski Prospekt (Belgium), Østfold Teater and NIE (Norway), and Kopergietery (Belgium). Supported by: Arts Council Norway.




Team Braza

”Fear Infection”

Date: Oct 16th: 10.00 and 12.30

Venue: Teatersalen

Choreography: Belinda Braza

With: Belinda Braza, Charlotte Korrell, Huyen Huynh, Victor Ødegaard Prag og Cassandra Moldenhauer

Music: Miguel Perez/Belinda Braza

Duration: 30 min

”Fear Infection” is defined as a pop-cultural dance performance, and is created by Belinda Braza, one of Norway’s successful choreographers in this field. Five female hip-hop dancers gives, through a physical and urban expression supported by music composed only for this work, form and life to this taboo; fear. The theme is based on rejection and mobbing, as well as not being capable of being who you are. One has to believe in oneself to be able to develop as an individual.

Fearinfection 68576_10150342784115019_901875018_16411334_1056843_n




ASSITEJ Norway will during these three forums give room to professional discussions, and hopefully shed more light on theatre as an art form during our international work.


1st. Producer Forum

Date: Oct 16th: 9.30-10.30

Venue: Konsertbaren

Panel: Jan Banstra (De Stilte, Nederland), Jan-Willem van Kruyssen (DSCHUNGEL WIEN Theaterhaus für junges Publikum)

Theme: Is theatre for youths in Europe undergoing changes – and if so – to what extent?

Does new ideological and/or economical realities represent new guiding principles for the producers in the artistic process?


2nd. Producer Forum

Date: Oct 16th: 10.45-11.45

Venue: Konsertbaren

Panel: Henning Fanghau (Kinder und Teaterzentrum, Tyskland), Gouke Hilte (Tweetakt, Nederland), Fiona Ferguson (Imaginate Festival, Skottland)

Theme: Different reactions to theatre and performing arts from the young audience and the adult audience

What are the differences between perception and response from young versus adult audience?


3rd. Producer Forum

Date: Oct 16th: 15.00-16.00

Venue: Konsertbaren

Panel: Bendik Hofseth and Daniel Nordgård – both from UiA (Universitetet i Agder)

Theme: Practical and legal aspects of international tour

What is dominant obstacles concerning royalty on music and text when touring internationally?



ASSITEJ Norway will, during these seminars encourage dialogue and discussions where youths and professional actors, dancers and directors meet other researchers and professionals.


Date: Oct 17th: 09.00- 10.00

Venue: Teaterbaren

Panel: Det Andre Teatret, and NIE/Caers/Thuwis

Based on the shows: ”LØP” and “Father and son in the 24th century”, we discuss why and how to involve youths as participants through the performing arts so they can step beyond their traditional role as passive spectators.


Date: Oct 17th, hrs 12.30 – 13.30

Venue: Teaterbaren


Based on the shows: “The Silence of Leaving”, we discuss how social experiences can be transformed to art and given life on stage in using youths as a reference when developing new art projects.


Date: Oct 17th: 18.00- 19.30

Venue: Teaterbaren

Panel: Mungopark/BaggårdTeatret and De Dansers

Based on the show ”Opsang”, we discuss how and why this kind of rather rough theatre form can be so successful as it has proven to be.

Based on the show “Café Ed Sanders”, we discuss the question; are there contradictions between the theatre as an art form and the theatre as a meeting point?


Date: Oct 18th: 09.00-10.30

Venue: Teaterbaren

Panel: Elisabeth Helland Larsen, Shanti Brahmachari

TABU, an international interchange project by ASSITEJ International, will be presented. What are the possibilities of developing TABU further?

Based on TekstLab, Shanti Brahmachari presents visions and experiences in her work with developing stories by and with youths.


Date: Oct 18th: 14.00-16.30

Panel: Assitej Norden

Venue: Teaterbaren

Touring possibilities, funding possibilities, and guiding principles for theatre for a young audience in the Scandinavian countries.


Date: Oct 19th: 10.00-11.30

Panel: CAMPO/Gob Squad

Venue: Teaterbaren

Based on the show “Before your very eyes”, we exchange reflections on methods of how to use every days life as basis for the point where theatre meets arts, as well as using non-professionals youths in the performances.



Tickets: NOK 120

Special offer Oct 18th: youths aged 13-20 all tickets NOK 20

Festivalpass: NOK 850 (all included)

International Producer Forum: NOK 50