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Open Call for Shanghai International Children Theater Festival 2021

The 12th Shanghai International Children’s Theatre Festival is going to be held in April.30th-May.10th 2021(to be confirmed) in Shanghai, China. 
We are now opening calls for international productions. All professional children’s theatres and theatre companies are welcomed to submit their applications to the festival committee.

Breif introduction of the festival:
Shanghai International Children’s Theatre Festival was founded in July 2004. It comes to children in Shanghai every second years. The festival is sponsored by China Welfare Institute, and is organized by Children’s Art Theatre of China Welfare Institute. Through repertoire of different programs and forms, Shanghai International Children’s Theatre Festival opens a window for children in Shanghai to see the world and also builds a bridge of communication among worldwide children’s theatres.

About attending the Festival
1. After invitation of attendance, the organizing committee will cover three kinds of fees the company spend in China: including accommodation, domestic traffic and insurance. 
2. The organizing committee will choose venue for the production and pay for the rental and advertising. All income of performances is owned by the organizing committee.
3. Generally, the troupe will stay in China for 5-6 days.
4. All participants will be considered for the final awarding- the best performance award, winning troupe will get certificate from the organizing committee.
5. International airfare and sets/props transportation are at the expenses of a participating company.

The festival will provide following tech and financial support :
1. Local technical support for stage set up and lighting
2. CNY100 allowance per person per day
3. 3 star standard accommodation
4. Transportation in China
5. USD800 for each performance Call for productions :
1. Length:45mins+
2. Age:3+
3. Language: English or non-verbal would be better.

How to apply :
Enclosed please find 2021 application form for overseas theatres. If your theatre is interested in the festival, please submit:
1. Application form
2. Full length video
3. Introduction of theatre history
4. Performance outline
5. Technical rider
6. Member list
7. Stage photos


Applications must be received by 21st August 2020 at the latest. Ta kontakt med oss på for å få tilsendt søknadsskjema.