International Directors’ Seminar – søknadsfrist 29. oktober

Medlemmer i ASSITEJ Norge kan søke om å delta i International Directors’ Seminar, som til neste år går av stabelen i Mannheim, 6.-11. juli 2015.
Tysk ASSITEJ har arrangert dette seminaret siden 1993. Seminaret holder høy standard og gir en unik mulighet til å treffe kolleger fra hele verden til uformell læring og påfyll. Alle utgifter på stedet er dekket, og man kan søke ASSITEJ Norge om å få dekket resieutgiftene dersom man ikke lykkes med å skaffe midler på annen måte.
Her kan du lese Karstein Sollis rapport fra møtet i Köln i 2011: Rapport International Directors Seminar Assitej
Mulighet for å søke er forbeholdt medlemmer, og søknaden må derfor sendes via ASSITEJ Norge. Styret i ASSITEJ Norge vil på bakgrunn av søknadene anbefale 1-2 kandidater.
Søknaden sendes innen 29. oktober. 


«International Directors’ Seminar

for Children’s and Young People’s Theatre»

Mannheim, Germany, July 6th-11th, 2015

Dear colleagues,   we have the pleasure to inform you about the upcoming International Directors’ Seminar for Children’s and Young People’s Theatre 2015.   The International Directors’ Seminar will take place in Mannheim in co-operation with the National Theater and its Young Theater “Schnawwl”. The “Schnawwl” at the “Nationaltheater” is one of Germany’s leading theaters working for young audiences ( Artistic Director Andrea Gronemeyer and her team regularly welcome international co-operations and co-productions and have a tradition of developing theater performances of artistic quality and relevance. We are glad to have the chance to work with directors from other countries and Germany for a whole week and we are looking forward to your applications.   In 2015 the International Directors’ Seminar will once again focus on a specific topic of interest to theatre directors from all over the world. Designed for about 25 participants, this seminar will investigate the theme of


  Progress implies a movement towards a future. Will it be a better future? Is progress inherent in the relationship between children and adults? What are the social, practical and economical dimensions of progress? Progress happens between invention and discovery. It changes our environment and our society. What do boon and bane of progress mean for us today? Does it also change our theater and where does it lead us?   The International Directors’ Seminar 2015 aims to discuss and dramatize questions and connotations of “progress”. We hope and believe that a multitude of ideas and perspectives as well as concrete directing approaches can be developed by a diverse group of participants in the directors’ seminar when working with this topic. We are definitely looking forward to an inspiring exchange!   Since a major objective of the Directors’ Seminar is to encourage cultural exchange between German artists and artists from abroad, about twenty directors from countries all over the world will be invited to participate, as well as up to five German directors. From 6-11th of July 2015 the participants will work practically in small groups, based on the seminar’s theme. Theatre performances by the host theatre and other local companies as well as leisure activities will accompany and complete the daily work of the Seminar.   The German ASSITEJ and the hosting theatre as the organizers of the International Directors’ Seminar will bear the costs for accommodation, catering, theatre tickets and leisure activities for all participants. In general, we assume that travel costs will be paid either by the participants themselves or by their respective national centre of ASSITEJ. Nonetheless we are willing to help in particular cases, as far as we are able to do.   The seminar wishes to address directors of children’s and young people’s theatre who have recently given new impulses and set new standards. The seminar’s language is English, so all participants must be able to understand and speak English.   ASSITEJ-Centers who are interested to nominate a director to take part in this seminar, are asked to send his/her application for the «International Directors’ Seminar» (including a current concise curriculum vitae, the application form and a letter of motivation) by letter, fax or e-mail not later than   November 3rd, 2014   For more details do not hesitate to contact Ms Meike Fechner ( who is in charge of the International Director’s Seminar for ASSITEJ Germany.     With best regards,   Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider Chairman of ASSITEJ Germany Honorary President of ASSITEJ