International Directors’ Seminar i Tyskland, 2017


ASSITEJ Germany utlyser søknadsfrist for sitt regiseminar fra 12.-18. juni 2017 i Oldenburg, hvor regissører fra hele verden møtes for å utveksle tanker, ideer og erfaringer om scenekunst for barn og unge. 

I år det åpent for 25 deltakere, og temaet er «Streets and Crossroads». Om seminaret:

Streets exist everywhere in the world. People meet in the streets, they perform in streets, some live their lives in the streets and others see life as a journey where every crossroads means a decision. Streets can be markets, they can be noisy or quiet, they can be stages for the dramas and the richness of life. They can be places for poverty and spending, for music and movement, for power and progress, for endless possibilities and uncrossable barriers. Streets are public spaces where political ideas are voiced, where protest is made visible, where power relations are questioned and challenged, where people join forces to express what is important to them. The idea of streets from different directions meeting at a crossroads and creating an open space, is our starting point for this years’ International Directors’ Seminar.
The International Directors’ Seminar 2017 aims to discuss and dramatize questions and connotations of “Streets and Crossroads” thematically and artistically. From 12 – 18 of June 2017 the participants will work practically in small groups, based on the seminar’s theme and the participants’ experience. A multitude of ideas and perspectives as well as directing approaches can be developed by a diverse group of participants. Theatre performances by the host theatre and other local companies as well as leisure activities will accompany and complete the daily work of the seminar.

Søknader sendes inn via de nasjonale ASSITEJ-sentrene, som så nominerer en regissør basert på innkomne søknader. ASSITEJ Germany bestemmer så et utvalg på 25 regissører på bakgrunn av nominasjonene fra de nasjonale sentrene.
Karstein Solli var deltaker i 2011, og meldte tilbake om en inspirerende og godt organisert opplevelse.

Søknadsskjema lastes ned her, og sendes per e-post info(at) innen 1. november. Kun medlemmer i ASSITEJ Norge kan søke.